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Eventide CrushStation plug-in

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It’s always exciting when Eventide comes out with a new effect! The respected effects manufacturer has just released the CrushStation, a multi-platform distortion unit for Windows, Mac and iOS platforms. It has no less than 11 knobby controls, in addition to a pair of sliders and a graphic visualizer. Buckle up, things are about to get dirty!


Eventide CrushStation

Eventide has just released a new stereo distortion platform, the CrushStation. This latest H9 series plug-in from the popular brand promises to add tones that go from “creamy saturation to a brutal sonic assault”. Given the plethora of controls on hand, it definitely looks like this unit will deliver.

Crushing tones

The first knob to catch your eye is probably the Drive, which, as the name suggests, controls the amount of drive/distortion the plug-in applies. The Grit and Sustain controls can then further push this distortion into the realm of fuzz. The Sag control is designed to emulate the sound of analog gear that is on the verge of death – that is, as the power unit sags, the amplified sound starts to cut out and sound rough, or ‘broken’. Both the Mix and Octaves controls can be used together to get textures and weight out of the distortion unit in a more musical, sound designer way. The Grit knob saturates the low end, so you can get some truly dirty, grimy tones..

Ribbon controller

There’s a three band EQ for tweaking your sound, along with Eventide’s familiar Ribbon controller. This lets you morph between settings of your choice, as well as automate some out-there sounds. With the Gate switch engaged, you should be able to explore the bowels of gated crunch. The Hotswitch toggle allows you to switch between two sets of settings within the same preset. The Mixlock tool locks the Mix knob while you browse presets – 35 of which are supplied by Eventide. The Fast/Slow Attack switch and In/Out gain sliders are somewhat self-explanatory.


I like what I’m seeing here! My guess is that the unit should be pretty versatile, given that it’s capable of both subtlety and extremes, has compression and low-end saturation, and offers a range of tonal shaping possibilities. In my opinion, it’s a very well-thought out product, as can be expected from Eventide.

Price and availability

The plug-in is currently on sale at an introductory price of USD 39, after which it will go up to the the regular USD 99, making this probably the best plug-in distortion you can buy in the sub-USD 50 range, currently. The effect is available in VST, AAX, AU and AU v3/inter-app audio formats, and works on Windows, Mac and iOS platforms.

If the Eventide CrushStation sounds like something you might be interested in, get in early and grab yourself a bargain!


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Eventide CrushStation plug-in

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