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Neo Micro Vent 122 and 16 Leslie simulator pedals

Neo Micro Vent 122 and 16 Leslie simulator pedals  ·  Source: Neo Instruments


Neo Instruments has just announced not one but two new Leslie rotary speaker emulation pedals. The Micro Vent 122 and Micro Vent 16 Leslie simulator pedals are different takes on a classic guitar effect. This pair of pedals is due out early next year, but you can find out the juicy details about both here.


Leslie simulator pedals

Neo Instruments already make some very well respected Leslie simulation pedals. The Ventilator pedal sounds amazing but it’s big and will take up a fair amount if space on your pedalboard.

Now Neo has announced two new Leslie simulation pedals, the Micro Vent 122 and Micro Vent 16. Both units are far smaller and therefore more practical for most musicians, especially ones with an already crowded pedalboard.

Neo Micro Vent 122

Neo Micro Vent 122 · Source: Neo Instruments

Micro Vent 122

The black Micro Vent 122 uses Neo’s Ventilator II technology to achieve the sound of the Leslie 122 rotary speaker. It simulates the classic mic’ing technique using virtually modelled mics. One virtual microphone is ‘directed’ at the horn, the other at the drum rotor.

The Distance control lets you vary the amount of distance between the two virtual microphones. Speed and Ramp control the virtual revolving Leslie speaker and Blend allows you to mix in your dry signal to the wet effect signal. You can choose from two speeds labelled Speed1 continuous and Speed2 Slow/Stop/Fast. This simulates how you would play around with the rotating speaker speed on the original Leslie unit, giving you different sounds. Plus, you can access Speed 2 just by holding down the main footswitch, making it easy to access that parameter easily on the fly.

Neo Micro Vent 16

Neo Micro Vent 16 · Source: Neo Instruments

Micro Vent 16

The white Micro Vent 16 simulates a Leslie with a 10-inch speaker into a single drum rotor. This is what you would expect to find in an old Fender Vibratone and so it has a more ‘subtle’ sound. Neo says it works well on rhythm work, for example. The controls are the same as the Micro Vent 122, just be prepared for a slightly less complex and dominant sound with this version of there pedal.


Swirling Goodness

You can check out the PJ and the Beard demo of the new Micro Vent 122 below, but for now there aren’t any demos online of the new Micro Vent 16, so I cannot compare the two fairly. Judging by the video, the 122 sounds very organic and tasty to my ears.

Prices have yet to be confirmed on either version and they will not be available before 2020. But for now you can follow my link below to read all the official specifications on both units.


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Neo Micro Vent 122 and 16 Leslie simulator pedals

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