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CME accidentally leak Fender pedals again!

CME accidentally leak Fender pedals again!  ·  Source: CME/Fender


Poor old Fender. Two more Fender effects pedals have been leaked by Chicago Music Exchange ahead of their launch at Winter NAMM 2019. We can add the new Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator and Tre-Verb Tremolo/Reverb to last week’s leak.


Fender Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator

The new Fender Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator uses Fender’s own DSP chip and has switchable Slow/Fast speeds and onboard overdrive that dynamically responds to the pedals modulation rate. The unit also has stereo inputs and outputs, plus you can also choose between both guitar and keyboard voicings. All that should make for a flexible pedal.

The controls on the front are labelled Drive, Tone, Fast, Slow, Level, Ramp and Sens. Plus, there’s a three-way switch labelled Mode with 1,2 & 3 settings as well as a Slow/Fast Brake footswitch and a Bypass switch.

Chicago Music Exchange has them listed as coming out the first week of February at GBP 216.47.

Fender Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator

Fender Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator

Fender Tre-Verb Tremolo/Reverb

Next up we have the Fender Tre-Verb Tremolo/Reverb pedal. This one is designed to mimic the legendary sound of the Tremolo and Reverb on Fender’s own amps. I’d hope that this one was spot on, as it is definitely a Fender thing.


Again, the Tre-Verb is an all-original Fender circuit based on DSP and has controls for Wave, Rate, Depth, Blend, Dwell and Tone. In addition, there are settings for Opto, Bias and HM via a three-way switch and ’63, ’65 and Plate on the reverb side controlled by another switch.

Chicago Music Exchange also has this pedal listed as coming out the first week of February at GBP 216.47.


Fender Tre-Verb Tremolo:Reverb

Fender Tre-Verb Tremolo: Reverb

Fender Tone

I doubt Fender will have any problems selling either of these pedals, because if their DSP can capture those classic tones, then these will be very popular indeed. Of course, there is nothing official yet on Fender’s own site, but check back at the end of the week…

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  • Fender Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator: Chicago Music Exchange
  • Fender Tre-Verb Tremolo:Reverb: Chicago Music Exchange
More leaked Fender pedals - Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator & Tre-Verb Tremolo:Reverb

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