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Error Instruments Sound Scaper  ·  Source: Error Instruments

Error Instruments Sound Scaper LDR  ·  Source: Error Instruments

Error Instruments Sound Scaper Eurorack

Error Instruments Sound Scaper Eurorack  ·  Source: Error Instruments

Error Instruments brings us a metallic nightmare that’ll generate shifting digital soundscapes. Sound Scaper is available in Eurorack or desktop with unique features.

Sound Scaper

Boxes of noise from Error Instruments are notoriously difficult to describe. This one is like sheets of metal being dragged across each other, modulated and then bowed like a violin. You have controls over pitch, speed and depth of harmonic LFO and the mode or type of soundscape being invoked to give you a different flavour of nightmare.

Sound Scaper Eurorack

The Eurorack version has a Drum mode via a built in LPG to throw it into the realms of a percussive FM generator. It has a trigger in and a separate Drum output. Otherwise you have metallic soundscapes and 2 CV inputs to control the pitch and shaper.

Sound Scaper LDR

The desktop version is pretty cute in its little box with an alarming vintage tube sticking out of it. The tube introduces a light dependant resistor (LDR) to allow you to wave modulation into it by blocking light with your hand, or any other body part for that matter. It doesn’t have the drum mode of the Eurorack version but it does have the CV control.

It’s coming for you

There is a sweetness to be found in there, harmonics, twists, deep, evolving soundscapes and interesting tones, particularly when paired with some reverb and delay. But you are only ever a small knob turn away from absolute horror.

The Eurorack version in €179 and the LDR box is €220 and is in short supply.

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