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Erica Synths DIY

Erica Synths DIY  ·  Source: Erica Synths


Erica Synths recently announced it was discontinuing its current range of DIY Eurorack modules but to the delight of the DIY community they are making them open-source for anyone to build.


Erica DIY

The DIY range which includes many Polivoks based modules like the VCF, VCO, Modulator, Envelope, Dual VCA and MIDI-CV converter are favourites amongst the Eurorack DIY community. Their decision to discontinue them was met with a fair amount of dismay so this news is going to warm some hearts.

The idea is that the projects will be available to download from Github and will contain all the information you need to build the modules. This will include schematics, Gerber files for the front panel and PCB, BOMs, placement and assembly manuals. They are available to anyone, whether personal or commercial and Erica Synths will provide absolutely no support and suggests that forums and Facebook groups would be the best place to look for help.

They have made a few changes where some of the components are too difficult to source but they are able to sell some of the rarer ICs.


Erica Synths does have plans for a new range of DIY kits that focuses on education and teaching electronics and should be available in the Autumn but I have no further news on those yet.

This is an awesome resource for people interested in getting to grips with the whole process of fabricating an Eurorack module especially if you’d like to build an entire Polivoks style synthesizer. Although there’s other cool stuff in here too like the Bassline completely bass voice synthesizer, Wogglebug or the BBD delay/flanger.

Here’s the list of the modules:

  • Bassline – all in one synth voice for acid basslines and drones
  • BBD delay/flanger – all analogue effects unit based on V3205 BBD IC Delay – tape and digital delay unit with tap tempo, tempo sync, reverse, hold and add functions
  • Dual VCA – Polivoks architecture inspired dual VCA, rare Russian differential op-amps are now replaced with AS3330
  • Envelope – recreation of Polivoks envelope generator with loop and end of attack functions
  • MIDI-CV – Polivoks functionality inspired dual MIDI-CV converter with glide function Mixer – simple 3 chanel audio mixer
  • Modulator – Polivoks functionality inspired LFO, noise and S&H module
  • Output – Output module with headphone amplifier
  • Polivoks VCF – authentic recreation of the Polivoks VCF
  • Swamp – our take of Wogglebug module with lots of unique extras
  • VCO3 – Polivoks inspired VCO with nice extra – VCO Sync input

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Erica Synths DIY

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