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The long awaiting Ground Control sequencer and performance workstation is released today! Meanwhile, the Golden Master multi-band compressor and output module could keep your performances at the perfect level.

Ground Control

It’s been a long time coming but Ground Control is scheduled for release today, the 29th March. It’s a 42HP 4-track Eurorack sequencer for CV and MIDI. There are 3 melodic tracks with CV/Gate and a drum track with 8 trigger outputs. It’ll handle 24 patterns per project and up to 64 steps per pattern. You can step edit or live record and over MIDI you can also record velocity and CC data.

The big feature is the 2-octave keyboard which can be used for entering notes and recording but it’s also a performance surface for triggering sequences, arpeggiators, rollers and transposition. It’s packed full of features such as mute buttons, probability glide, slide, ratchets and directions. You have CV inputs to each channel and individual resets. And it all looks very musical.

Golden Master

Golden Master is an output module that contains a multiband compressor and limiter to give you the best chance of an energized live performance without the fear of overloading the sound system.

It features 3 bands, low, mid and high each with a dedicated compressor, EQ and stereo image enhancer. Controls are shared between 3 modes; EQ Mode, Compressor Mode and Mid-Side Mode. So the three knobs become the low, mid and high of an EQ in EQ Mode or multiband stereo enhancing in Mid-Side Mode.

The Enhance buttons can also act as mutes for the bands giving you a good range of sonic manipulation during the performance. You’ve got input gain and output volume which then emerges at a pair of outputs. You can also control the master output level with a CV input to the VCA.

There’s no headphone output or effects sends like some other output modules. Golden Master is designed to be the final-final output stage. It’s a great idea and does solve a lot of live performance problems when dealing with the unpredictability of Eurorack.

Golden Master is available now for £185.

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