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Eiosis De-esser

High claims: Eiosis say this is the "ultimate" de-essing tool  ·  Source: MILLER MUSIC AND MEDIA LTD


I find de-essing can go either way in a mix. Some voices or recordings don’t need anything, sometimes you manage to find a de-essing plugin and settings almost immediately, but occasionally it can be the major hassle with a mix. Some voices need some really detailed work so that they still sound natural after all the processing. Eisos – in partnership with Slate Digital – believe e2deesser is the “ultimate de-essing tool”.


Eiosis e2deesser

The key with this De-esser appears to be a few levels of available operation. Eiosis recommend starting by simply selecting a few of their presets. I hate presets usually, often finding them too general or not quite as good as sitting with it yourself for a while. However, essentially de-essing can be very straight forward and so e2deesser has a trick up it’s sleeve. It is level-independant, so the detection parameters can follow a varying input.

If you do want to dial in the settings yourself, however, there are a few very simple controls. Most significantly there is a ‘Sensitivity’ and ‘Amount’ level adjustments, but notably no frequency select. Eiosis believe that the plugin is programmed with as many detection parameters as you’ll ever need. Instead, there are a number of controls available for shaping the output. This includes an EQ, auto, smooth, gain and dry/wet controls, all upon the effected side-chain. There is also an EQ available for the ‘voiced’ signal which all adds up to a lot of control, even without the frequency detection parameters present.

For advanced use, the e2deesser offers a ‘Time-Frequency’ display. Unlike an editing tool, this display is meant to offer a visible picture of the processing your settings are applying to your source. This way you can be sure you’re only effecting the necessary part of your signal. I think this plugin looks great with some really intelligent processing going on behind the scenes. I look forward to trying it soon.


More Information

See the webpage by Eiosis themselves, for detailed information. Here you can download a demo or purchase the plugin for an introductory offer of 99 USD. The regular price will become 149 USD. This plugin is suitable for Mac and Windows system in AAX, VST2, VST3, or AU formats. Note that an iLok 2 is required.

Eiosis developed this plugin with Slate Digital which I think is quite interesting. Firstly it highlights the plugin should be a serious tool considering it’s been through Slate’s team, but also that it isn’t available as a single plugin from Slate directly. Slate have simply included the plugin with their ‘Everything Bundle‘ as a perk for anyone who’s signed up to their annual plan.


Here’s a video introduction of e²deesser on the EiosisTV YouTube channel:

Eiosis De-esser

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