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Afterlife Of Pitch Dwarfcraft Devices Fuzzrocious Pedals boutique FX guitar pedal

Afterlife Of Pitch collaboration of two boutique pedal builders.  ·  Source:

Fuzzrocious Pedals and Dwarfcraft Devices have collaborated on a new pedal named Afterlife of Pitch. Based on the Fuzzrocious Afterlife reverb and Dwarfcraft’s Wizard of Pitch, this hybrid is part glitch pitch unit and part ambience-orientated reverb pedal. This is something for all you sonic sound artists and makers of noise. It’s a really twisted-sounding unit; listen to their demo below to hear what I mean.



Afterlife Of Pitch Dwarfcraft Devices Fuzzrocious Pedals boutique FX guitar pedal

Afterlife Of Pitch from Dwarfcraft Devices and Fuzzrocious Pedals two popular boutique guitar pedal builder

Dwarfcraft have added a glitch mod to the Wizard of Pitch and an oscillation mod to the Afterlife reverb, so you do get some features that are unique to this dual design. If you are a fan of either of the original pedals, then you might be tempted I suppose. The demo does sound a little random and there are some truly obscure tones and effects available from this ‘combined’ pedal.

The makers say they are only producing 50 pedals in total with the majority of 45 being screen-printed and a very, very limited run (the first five to be ordered) being hand-painted. That may be something you need to consider before you part with your money. However, don’t leave it too long or all the hipsters will buy them and flog them on Ebay as ‘ultra rare’. Or something just as stupid.

Not really my cup of tea, this one. However, I can imagine there are some hipsters out there trying to work out how they can leverage some extra cool points for having one on their pedal boards. Only kidding! I’m sure if you like making crazy ‘out there’ noises then this will probably appeal to you.

Product details and order form on DwarfCraft Devices site.

RRP: USD $315 – limited to 50 pedals worldwide, with the first five being hand-painted.


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