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Dwarfcraft Devices Baby Thunder SheFuzz

Dwarfcraft Devices SheFuzz and Baby Thunder  ·  Source: Dwarfcraft Devices

Dwarfcraft Devices has just released new versions of two of their popular fuzz pedals. The company makes some cool, wacky effects for those that enjoy the more fun side of fuzz effects. Enter the new dynamic duo of Baby Thunder and SheFuzz!

Baby Thunder

This is based on the company’s Eau Claire Thunder, which is one of their most popular fuzz pedals. This alone might make Baby Thunder pretty popular. The Eau Claire is possibly their most ‘regular’ fuzz pedal, yet still has some cool clipping options, making it a lot of fun to play with. With a focus on sustain and bass response, the Baby Thunder should work equally well on both bass and guitar.

Check out the official YouTube video below by Dwarfcraft Devices for a good overview of all the functions as well as a demo of the wide range of tones that you can achieve from the Baby Thunder!

RRP USD $200


Next up is the new Dwarfcraft Devices SheFuzz, which is based on their Shiva fuzz pedal. With this fuzz, you also get some rather tasty octave up sounds that are activated by the Stab toggle. It’s not subtle, but that could be part of its charm. It breaks up a little bit like a ZVex Fuzz Factory, as you can starve the circuit of power and get some downright glitch-like fuzz tones.

This is aimed at those into their ‘experimental’ fuzz tones, with more personality that the Baby Thunder. Again, check out the official Dwarfcraft Devices video below, as it gives a good overview of the SheFuzz and as you will hear, it can get pretty ‘gnarly’.

RRP USD $175


Fuzz for the masses?

No, these are certainly not for everyone. I really like Dwarfcraft Devices, as they try and push the fuzz pedal forwards and attempt to offer edgy leftfield designs rather than just remakes of the Big Muff, Tone Bender and Fuzzface circuits.

They are already really popular with some quite big name players like The Mars Volta, a good example of a band that pushes creativity. If you are looking for a unique fuzz tone that’s away from the norm, then I would recommend checking out these two new pedals.

Full specifications and details on both the SheFuzz and the Baby Thunder can be found here

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