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Dunlop Leo Nocentelli Cry Baby Wah

Dunlop Leo Nocentelli Cry Baby Wah  ·  Source: Dunlop


Dunlop honours funk guitar legend Leo Nocentelli with his own Cry Baby Wah. The new pedal adds some funky tweaks to the voicing of this classic effect, along with a seriously fly paint job.


Dunlop Leo Nocentelli Cry Baby Wah

The new Dunlop Leo Nocentelli Cry Baby super fly wah pedal comes with a purple sparkle base, a gold treadle, and has a custom fleur-de-lis green tread, all inspired by the guitarist’s New Orleans roots. But it isn’t just the looks that have been tailored to his specifications. This wah also has a revoiced wah sweep. The sweep frequencies range from 290 Hz to 310 Hz at the heel, through to 1.4 kHz to 1.5 kHz at the toe.

Previous to this new signature, Leo was using a Jimi Hendrix JH-1 model. But it’s nice to se him get his very own funky signature model, and it look pretty amazing.

Dunlop Leo Nocentelli Cry Baby Wah

Dunlop Leo Nocentelli Cry Baby Wah · Source: Dunlop

Just Kissed My Baby

The voicing is based on the Just Kissed My Baby wah tone that Nocentelli made famous with The Meters, it’s a stone cold classic wah sound. Just a beautifully syncopated funk tone. Hopefully this new Dunlop wah pedal, apart from looking great, will also sound like a million funky dollars!

It will be interesting to see how the new signature wah model is received by players, as the Jimi Hendrix JH-1 was already a popular choice. This re-voicing and super fly paint job may well prove very popular with players looking for something a little different. I really, really want to try one out, as I do love a good wah pedal. And this one looks dope.


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Dunlop Leo Nocentelli Cry Baby Wah

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One response to “Dunlop Leo Nocentelli Cry Baby Wah: A revoiced wah for funk tones aplenty!”

    Andreas Müller says:

    Cry Baby when I remember the time, this dunlop Pedal cost 50 Deutsche Mark in a musican store in Walldorf Germany! And today? I still have it! Am I rich now.

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