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Dunlop double-inductor Custom Badass Cry Baby wah

Dunlop double-inductor Custom Badass Cry Baby wah  ·  Source: Dunlop


Dunlop has announced a new limited edition Custom Badass Baby wah pedal with a twist: this contains not one but two inductors, giving you double the number of voices on tap.


Dunlop Custom Badass Cry Baby wah

My name is Jef and I am a wah pedal addict. There said it. I just love a nice wah pedal! So this announcement from Dunlop caught my eye and had me interested to find out more. Essentially, this limited edition Custom Badass Baby has two inductors inside, a Fasel inductor and a Halo inductor. It should, theoretically, offer you two classic voices in one pedal.

Dunlop Custom Badass Cry Baby wah

Dunlop Custom Badass Cry Baby wah · Source: Dunlop


Fasel inductors are that classic throaty sound we normally associate with vintage Italian wah pedals. The most common versions are Red, White and Green. For example, I own a ’70s Jen wah with a white Fasel and it is vintage, throaty voice. It just happens to be one of my favourite wah pedals in my collection.

This Dunlop wah has a red Fasel inside. Dunlop describes it as “a wide, highly expressive sweep and a throaty midrange hinting at feedback”, which is exactly as you’d expect. It should be a great tone that’s perfect for many applications, like Rock and Blues. But this pedal also has the Halo inductor, more geared towards – in the words of Dunlop – “adding richness and punch to your lead tones”.

Double the fun!

So two very usable voice in one unit. That makes this Custom Badass Baby a good buy for many players because you get two very useful voices. I use a Dunlop Billy Duffy wah live, for exactly the same reason. It has two distinct voices that make it useful when I’m playing in a band and need to cut through with solos.

Dunlop Custom Badass Cry Baby wah side

Dunlop Custom Badass Cry Baby wah side · Source: Dunlop

Dual Controls

The Custom Badass baby has a little red kick switch mounted on the side, so you can quickly choose between the two inductors and separate toe down frequency controls for each one. Each of these frequency knobs adjust how far the wah’s sweep reaches, and they are labelled with LEDs of different colours. Two more LEDs on the bottom of the pedal indicate the selected inductor and whether it is bypassed.

RRP – USD 199

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Dunlop double-inductor Custom Badass Cry Baby wah

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