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Devi Ever 2022

Devi Ever 2022  ·  Source: YouTube/issi mouse


What happened to Devi Ever? That is a pretty loaded question, and according to who you speak with, the answers will vary. Let’s just say that it was a long drawn out saga, involving many online arguments. Potential customers are still owed money from builds that never emerged.


Devi Ever 2022

Devi Ever has officially announced their return to building pedals in 2022, after leaving the business back in 2018. This was done via a new YouTube video entitled “what happened to Devi Ever?” Devi Ever stated “It is a part of me trying to make ends meet financially, but I’m not doing it as a career path. I’m doing it for personal reasons.”

“I’m excited to hopefully set up a manufacturing process [where] I can enjoy building and feel proud of doing – and if I can’t do that, I’m not going to do it. I don’t have plans currently to make it a big deal, I just want to do it for fun and in small batches.”

Devi Ever FX Shoe Gazer

Devi Ever FX Shoe Gazer · Source: Devi Ever

The History of Devi Ever

There have been many online flame wars over, and about, Devi Ever, including clashes with JHS pedals, Dwarfcraft, and even a major public spat with Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins.

Back in 2012, a Kickstarter for an open-source cartridge-based system called the Devi Ever Console successfully raised over $40,000, but never materialised and left many people out of pocket. Then Devi Ever admitted to having “mismanaged” the funding and their own time in a 2013 update of the project. Later, in 2015, the brand was sold to Dwarfcraft. This was followed by Devi Ever being repurchased in 2016 with the following statement.


             “When I can pay you back, I will, and until that point, I can’t.” – Devi Ever 2016

This could be an interesting year for fans of Devi Ever pedals, as when they were good, they were really good. It just so happened that often they never appeared, and the whole debacle involved a lot of drama.

UPDATE 07/02/22

The video has now been pulled from YouTube this evening, hopefully we will hear more soon.

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Devi Ever 2022

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14 responses to “Devi Ever to rejoin the pedal world in 2022”

    Chris says:

    Cool. I’m starting the countdown to the next narcissistic drama meltdown

      Jef says:

      Well, issi mouse appears to have now pulled the video, so…

        Simon says:

        (FWIW “izzi” is with Zs)

        not to worry, izzi already put up a half hour video about the reporting on their announcement

        One thing they complain about is reports not contacting her…but IIRC Izzi did say it was an official announcement…maybe Izzi doesn’t know what an official announcement actually is

        Izzi did mislabel an explanatory portion of the article as the “byline”
        so they might simply not understand how things like official announcements work

        Izzi seems angry with the coverage

        I did find it odd that they criticized people who weren’t directly owed money for commenting on the issue as Izzi’s current media output speak to issues of society.
        Given that Izzi themselves comments on wider issues and public persons, it would seem appropriate that others could also speak to issues and public persons (as again, Izzi did release the statement as ‘official announcement’)

    Will says:

    “Potential customers are still owed money from builds that never emerged.” Odd phrasing of us call that being a sociopathic, thief? He/she’s been gotten away with this for… how many years now? Don’t get me wrong, this is a well written article pertaining to this most current mental breakdown, but I don’t see how this person’s poor mental well being is particularly noteworthy gear news.

      Jef says:

      Let’s just say it was more a public service announcement for those that did to know the backstory, and who may want to order one of these this year. Not everyone will be fully aware of the history of this particular pedal brand.

      S.W. says:

      “but I don’t see how this person’s poor mental well being is particularly noteworthy gear news.”

      Reduced capacity to contract

      Devi has been using poor mental health to excuse misbehavior both in business dealings and in interactions (on forums, etc) for gosh – 20+ years now

    Dave Smith says:

    I worked for her. She’s impossible. At the time it was in Portland Oregon. She had her business in her apartment where all the fumes came out of a tiny funnel outside of her window. The other room had 25 bikes all piled up in a corner. Don’t buy, don’t have anything to do with him.

    Ajax Lepinski says:

    Regardless, of the various stories floating around about Devi’s business practices, her Soda Meiser pedal is a classic.

    William Paxson says:

    There are two groups of people you should NEVER give cash to: the first is junkies and the second is itinerant pedal builders

    Robert M says:

    I wish it were JUST the kickstarter.
    When Devi got hard up for cash in 2018, they did preorders, took the cash, and never delivered.
    Some people complained on the fuzzgoddess FB which of course, is deleted.
    Devi is pretty open now that they’ll delete comments on platforms like YT

    Mig Buff says:

    ‘Non-Binary Camel Toe’

    Rock n roll is here to stay, but it will have do the course in political correctness that I missed 😁

    The Crusher says:

    Customer service is non-existent. Paid for 2 pedals in February, not a word from customer service. In fact, if I hadn’t noted the email address (which doesn’t even get a response), i wouldn’t know how to contact them. The site takes orders and mentions other peoples’ involvement. Needless to say, I’m not pleased. The silence is deafening.

      phreak says:

      wait, you didn’t actually think ordering and paying for a Devi ever pedal gets you a pedal did you!?!

      not in Devi-world my friend…that money has long gone to Door dash or buying trinkets for “inspiration”

    MusicProducer says:

    Going to have to agree with most of the commenters here. DE is definitely not trustworthy and went back on their word with countless people including dwarfcraft. There are only two pedal brands I don’t trust: Devi ever and Noise Maker Effects. Seriously fellow musician, beware.

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