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Deckard's Dream

Deckard's Dream  ·  Source: Sputnik Instagram

Deckard's Dream rear connections

Deckard's Dream rear connections  ·  Source: Sputnik Instagram

Deckard's Dream display

Deckard's Dream display  ·  Source: sputnik instagram


Sputnik Modular’s Roman Filippov has released details of a rackmount Yamaha CS80 clone he’s working on. He’s calling it Deckard’s Dream because of the major role the CS80 had in Vangelis’ celebrated score for Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.


Deckard’s Dream

There’s not a lot of detail so far other than the very enticing pictures. But in a splattering of forum discussions, Instagram posts and blogs we’ve learnt that it’s an 8 voice analogue clone of the Yamaha CS80. It will be available as a finished product and also a DIY kit. The kit consists of  12 PCBs with a multi control unit (MCU) and DSP’s preinstalled.

Roman Filippov and Sputnik Modular have a reputation for creating awesome sounding gear. Roman cloned the original Buchla Music Easel which many have said is better than the official reissue by BEMI. So it’s fairly safe to say that this is going to sound authentic.


There are a few things missing in the shape of ring modulation. Roman says that they are planning to release a 1U expansion that contains the effects section including ring modulation, chorus, delay and spring reverb. There’s also no CV/Gate connections although there is a port labelled “expander” on the back. Roman says that he’s thinking about developing a complex CV expander which could make Deckard’s Dream very patchable indeed.

One of the innovations of the original was the polyphonic aftertouch on the keyboard. This is similar to the MPE support we find in ROLI and Linstrument controllers. Apparently, he is looking into it.

It does appear that there’s quite a bit of development still to come. As yet there’s no hint at a release date or a price.

The best place to go for news and updates appears to be the Sputnik Modular Instagram. If we hear anything else we’ll let you know.

Deckard's Dream

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