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Czochralski Cells

Czochralski Cells  ·  Source: Destiny Plus


The extraordinary-looking Czochralski Cells is a configurable six or seven-voice complex electronic drum instrument. It extracts polyrhythms, timbres and spectra from semiconductors and circuits.


Czochralski Cells

The name comes from the Czochralski process created by Polish Chemist Jan Czochralski, which is a method of crystal growth used to obtain single crystals and silicon for semiconductors. I think the idea of growth, complexity and extraction from simpler forms inspires this machine.

The architecture consists of several cells and modulators. You have several through-zero oscillators with multiple waveforms, envelopes, LFOs, gates and drum cells. There are complex arrangements of logic and modulation, a multiplex gate pulse network, and a Dual 20-Stage Phaser.

Czochralski Cells architecture

I like how the front panel pulls them into organic clusters, which are then ruled by the five joysticks and countless knobs.

The sound is exciting and also highly animated.


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The Destiny Plus website is also full of interesting things and fascinating experiments. There are several ideas for Buchla Easel cards, a Triple Entanglement Space, and the especially stunning 16 PSYCHE. Apparently, it manifolds a structureless structure at infinite convergence of causal invariance in the frequency domain.



There’s no published information on whether Czochralski Cells is a product you can buy, but any interested parties should probably get in touch via the website.

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Czochralski Cells

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