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Concrete Guitar

Concrete Guitar  ·  Source: YouTube/ Crafted Workshop

Normally, I would associate concrete with building houses and the Brutalist movement of architecture, but it seems that someone on YouTube has made a guitar from the stuff. How does it sound? And exactly how heavy is it?

Concrete Guitar

In this YouTube video you can watch Crafted Workshop mould a guitar body out of concrete! This Strat-style guitar was made using a silicon mould and looks quite snazzy, once finished.

Concrete guitar made using silicon mould

Concrete guitar made using silicon mould

The Process

The concrete is slowly filled in using a cup and left to cure for a few days. Once it has hardened the guitar looks really impressive. After it has finally cured (it was left for 10 months) the concrete looks very solid indeed. The concrete needed a bit of work, with smoothing out a raised area by the bridge, but overall the design is certainly recognisable as a guitar. A final finish of sealant was used to finish off the body, which takes four coats and then a final waxing of the finished body to polish it up.

It weighs somewhere around 19 lbs unloaded, so it will require a gym membership to handle if you want to gig with it on a regular basis! It’s still lighter than the Salt Guitar made by Burls Art.

Concrete Guitar, the body weighs 19 lbs by itself!

Concrete Guitar, the body weighs 19 lbs by itself!

How does it sound?

It sounds like a guitar, but would you seriously want to gig a concrete guitar? The whole guitar was built using a standard build-your-own guitar kit similar to this one*. So if any of you build one, do get in touch and let us know how much it weighs.


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