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Wildfire Labs Commodity Fetishism

Wildfire Labs Commodity Fetishism  ·  Source: Wildfire Labs


Do you feel trapped by your relationship to modular? Are you tumbling down the rabbit hole of Eurorack with no way of escape? Commodity Fetishism will set you free with the flick of a switch.


Commodity Fetishism

An unusual solution to modular’s problem of addiction, bankruptcy and plummeting mental health – you’ve got to let it all go. Flick the switch and it’s all gone. You might even start a small fire.

Commodity Fetishism shorts the +12, -12, and GND pins of your Eurorack system’s power supply. When you flick the switch these elements are brought together resulting in, at the very least, the destruction of your power supply but it will probably damage or obliterate most of your modules as well. The extent of the carnage depends on a number of factors so module designers Wildfire Laboratories can’t guarantee its absolute effectiveness but rest assured that this will be bad for you and your system.

Commodity Fetishism suggests that it’s time to end your relationship with Eurorack and that modular synths are just things and not something to get attached to.

Wildfire Laboratories bear no responsibility for what happens when you use this module and it’s only sold under the condition that you as the buyer are fully aware of its function and the likely outcome. The module is rated up to 126v at 6 amps which is more than enough for any system.

The module costs $50 and may take a week to deliver although they say they are only shipping within the US at the moment due to postage costs. That sounds like a hurdle that can be gotten over with enough cash.

I’m more than happy to review this module if someone can also supply a Eurorack system in need of defetishising.

More information from Wildfire Laboratories


19 responses to “Commodity Fetishism: This switch will destroy your Eurorack”

  1. John says:

    This is just dumb product. A hammer at home depot is cheaper a much more destructive.

  2. Calverhall says:

    Paying $50 for this thing is the definition of mental illness!

  3. jf says:


  4. Rasmus Jakobsen says:

    Given its purpose – I would be in doubt as to whether the position should be “1” or “0” to activate it

  5. Andrea says:

    Makes sense .

  6. DasKapital says:

    I love it, haha. An important statement on the relationships between creativity and consumer/professional/prosumer GAS with a nice cynical/self-destructive angle.

  7. Kurt Gobang says:

    I want it for the wrong reasons (not like there is a right reason). If it were $25, I’d buy it and put it in my setup but not actually hook it up.

    If I ever get as famous as Kurt Cobain with modular, then I would hook it up, and use it at the end of my set.

  8. HorseLips says:

    New TikTok challenge on the horizon!

  9. Ron don flan says:

    It’s funny but seems like a big waste of time for everyone. A lot of effort just to take a piss, this is mainly click bait or at best hopefully a set up for a really cool product they have coming up.

  10. JP says:

    ‘Commodity fetishism’? What nonsense. It’s just a pretentious way of saying GAS.

    • Adam Smith says:

      Yeah, about that, the idea of commodity fetishism precedes the concept of gear acquisition syndrome by a good few years.

      • JP says:

        Nevertheless, commodity fetishism is one of those ‘big words’ expressions which people think makes them sound clever, rather than the reality of merely sounding pretentious.

        For me, GAS will do just fine.

        • Frank Jaeger says:

          No you smoothbrain, its a term that is meant in a broader sense than just aiming at purchasing gear. Ironically you are the snob pointing out that it is “high language”. Which it isn’t, it’s just language and a proper term. I recommend you to wether stay asleep as much as possible or man up and wake the f up. Educate yourself.

          • JP says:

            You’re telling me how much more educated you are than me, yet resort to name calling?

            Well done. 🙂

  11. ProutyTheFourmi says:

    is it allowed to actually sell such product?
    I wonder what type of selfish person would not even resell its module. Seems typical of the brainless & egocentric attitude that many people seem to be into

    • JP says:

      I detect an (although not entirely unexpected) acute sense of humour failure in the ranks of synth acolytes… 🙂

  12. okay…I will make a switch in a blank panel I have laying around, that’s connected to NOTHING and than I print a label with something like “self destruction switch, use with or without care”….dunno something like 2 bucks in the end? and at least as “funny” xD thanks for the inspiration

  13. Don't panic says:

    I can actually see a few of these being sold due to the severity of black panel shortages. This could offer a quick and painless ending for some.

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