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Expert Sleepers Little Mikey

Expert Sleepers Little Mikey  ·  Source: Expert Sleepers

I really appreciate modules that connect different arenas of music and allow us to play and interact with each other. The Little Mikey from Expert Sleepers is one such module that’ll bring your voice, instrument or guitar into your Eurorack for whatever twisted reasons you see fit.

Little Mikey

This is an 8HP pre-amp module which can provide up to 60dB of gain – “exceptionally clean gain” at that! It’s all nice and simply laid out. You have a combi XLR/jack input at the bottom followed by a +48v phantom power switch with LED for your condenser microphones. Then there’s an XLR/Jack switch, and a Hi-Z switch for when you’re plugging in the sound from a guitar pickup and finally a 20dB pad switch. At the top, there’s a knob that dials in the gain from 17dB to 60dB.

All your sound comes out of the Eurorack audio patch socket at the top which glows like all Expert Sleepers patch sockets – this indicates the signal level which is enormously helpful. Finally alongside the socket is a handy peak LED to tell you if things are getting a bit too hot.

There’s nothing extraordinary about Little Mikey, it simply does a really good job of getting microphones and guitars into your Eurorack. Maybe you’re using your rack as an effects machine, maybe you want to start sampling, or maybe you are going to use the audio through an envelope follower in order to modulate other things. Who knows? That’s the thing – Little Mikey just provides some very useful connections and what you do with those is up to you.

Little Mikey is available now for £129.

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