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Way back, at what now seems like a long time ago, Rob Chapman of Chapman Guitars fame was trying to develop some pedals to complement his guitar range. After a long time passed without the initial idea coming to fruition, Rob is now back on track and seeking your input on his new venture.

It would appear that he had initially planned to build the range in the UK, but after much research ol’ Chappers evidently discovered it just wasn’t viable at the price point he wants to be able to sell them at. So after another stint at the drawing board he has finally admitted to himself that he’ll have to manufacture them cheaper abroad. The original pedal lineup was going to include Screamer Type, Higher Gain One and High Gain Metal One.

Monkey Lord

Monsieur Chapman has worked out that by building his pedals in countries where labour is cheaper he can still make a decent product as well as some profit. And he can pass the savings on to you, the end user. This seems like a fair better business model that reflects his approach of giving people what they want at a reasonable price.


He has taken to asking for your vote on your preferred pedal format. Do you want single pedals with individual effects or possibly two, even three effects in one unit? As usual, Chapman’s tactic of asking for input has a lot of players feeling as though they are part of the process, which is no bad thing. It does slow things down somewhat, but then this whole venture has been a long time coming anyway.


Rob himself gets either very positive or negative press. Some players haunting guitar forums get a little over zealous with their comments about his business model. Maybe they are just jealous. But the younger demographic seems to really like his style of business. Of course, he also has a very popular YouTube channel with a distinct style of talking to his audience, so it sometimes seems like he’s popping up all over the place!

I think he has his head screwed on the right way and plays to his strengths. He is also a really honest, down-to-earth chap who works bloody hard for everything he has achieved. He puts a lot of effort in to his band Dorje and is constantly pushing himself with both his company and his music. See the two videos below to get the whole back story. Rob also mentions an upcoming new ‘V’ guitar model for the Chapman Guitars range, which will be getting officially announced at NAMM later this year.

Good luck to him and I look forward to hearing what happens with the new venture.

Chapman Guitars: site

Rob ‘Monkey Lord’ Chapman’s YouTube Channel: link


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