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Chaos Audio Stratus - an app-enabled multi-effects

Chaos Audio Stratus - an app-enabled multi-effects  ·  Source: Chaos Audio

Chaos Audio has revealed a new incarnation of their ‘do-it-all’ multi-effects. The Stratus guitar pedal is a Bluetooth enabled multi-effects in a stompbox format, and the company claims it is “The last guitar pedal you’ll ever need”. 

Chaos Audio Stratus

I somehow doubt very much that the Chaos Audio Stratus will be the last guitar pedal I would ever need. This app-controlled stompbox, full of digital effects and a looper, could be fun for a short while, but I think I would outgrow it pretty quickly. Maybe being a self-confessed pedal addict has something to do with it. This is essentially version 2 of the system we saw back in 2020, with quieter electronics, a five-minute looper, and a new look/graphic.

 “The perfect effects solution for beginner and advanced guitarists alike. Stratus retains the features that made it exciting in the first place. The looper, tuner, intuitive smartphone UI, and device customizability are all intact and we’ve made noticeable updates to the pedal’s design.” – Chaos Audio CEO Landon McCoy

Chaos Audio Stratus effects

Chaos Audio Stratus effects

App Enabled

The pedal is currently on Kickstarter and is looking to raise enough money to go into full production. It has a range of built-in effects which include distortions, overdrives, fuzzes, reverb, phaser, chorus, wah, flanger and delay. To control the effects, you use the accompanying iOS or Android app.

Chaos Audio Stratus App

Chaos Audio Stratus App


I’m probably not the target audience for the Stratus anyway, but I can see issues with the simplified interface and having to use a smartphone app to control it. It means you potentially have in-built obsolescence, especially if they stop developing that app. Apart from me being a grumpy old man, I like having individual footswitches to stomp on when playing live or in the studio, so this single stompbox would be far too limited for me, personally.

If you are into this idea and want to get involved, follow the links below to see what the Chaos Audio Stratus is all about. Or check out the demo videos to hear it in action.

RRP – USD 269

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by Jef

3 responses to “Chaos Audio Stratus: The last guitar pedal you’ll ever need?”

  1. Ab. says:

    I fail to see who it will appeal to…

    It sounds as bad as an entry level Zoom or Boss… so it won’t appeal to serious guitarists, and the lack of physical controls or headphone jack makes it unusable for beginners…

    And if you have to use a phone, why not directly use your phone as a multi-effect ?

    Maybe for synth enthusiasts with a small desk to complement a multi-stomp….

  2. Don says:

    Why not just buy a multi-effects unit that can play several effects all at once, and with on-board editing? Mooer, Hotone, Nux, Zoom and others on the low end pricewise. Likely sound just as good and are more capable for about the same money.

  3. JP says:

    So it’s not the first last guitar pedal you’ll ever need and will undoubtedly not be the last last guitar pedal you’ll ever need.

    Don’t you just love sales & marketing departments?

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