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Can you break Yngwie's unbreakable guitar?

Can you break Yngwie's unbreakable guitar?  ·  Source: Reverb/Sandvik

Last month I wrote an article about a guitar that was supposed to be ‘unbreakable’. Its maker, Swedish industrial manufacturer Sandvik, was so proud of its resilience that they challenged Yngwie Malmsteen to smash it – and he failed. Now the guitar is up for auction. Could you break it? Own it and find out.

Smash-Proof Guitar

Sandvik did an amazing job designing and 3D printing the Smash Proof guitar. The best bit of the video, though, was watching Swedish neo-classical guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen fail miserably at destroying the instrument on stage, after playing it at a staged gig. Yngwie is pretty famous for smashing guitars, so you’d expect him to at least dent it, but in the video it looks as though he failed to do even that.

Sandvik 3D printed smash proof guitar

Sandvik 3D printed guitar3D printed guitar

3D Printed

The design used an Isotropic Lightweight Structure made from hyper-duplex steel sandwiched between the guitar’s neck and fretboard that is “stiffer and lighter than anything we’ve seen before,” according to Tomas Forsman, a research and development specialist at Sandvik.

Sandvik created the guitar’s “unsmashable” body by using 3D printing. According to the company, “lasers traced a design in beds of fine titanium powder, fusing layers of material one on top of the other. The layers, each thinner than a human hair, built up into the body of the guitar.

Yngwie Malmsteen signed unbreakable guitar

Yngwie Malmsteen signed unbreakable guitar by Sandvik

Up for auction

Yngwie has signed the guitar and it’s up for auction on Reverb. So, if you win the bidding you can try and smash it yourself! Guitars are often get referred to as axes and this Swedish titanium super axe could be the strongest one ever built. I’m up for a challenge and so if any of you win it and want to lend it to me for a weekend, I’m pretty sure I can destroy it.

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