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Cort G290 FAT

Cort G290 FAT  ·  Source: Cort

The first thing you notice about Cort’s new G290 FAT is the exterior. It’s available in two colours, Bright Blue Burst and the stunning Antique Violin Burst that look pretty high end. Then you look at the price tag and see that it’s surprisingly wallet friendly.

OK, so this is Cort, so we’re expecting low prices. But this G290 FAT has a swamp ash body with a flamed maple veneer that leaves an upmarket impression you might not expect in this price range. And then there’s a neck and fingerboard made with a premium-looking birds eye maple with a V-profile.

Cort G290 FAT

Cort G290 FAT. In Bright Blue Burst and the stunning Antique Violin Burst

Humbucker and single coil

But let’s take a look at the other components. Cort says the VTH-77 humbuckers have a high output power to cope with modern rock and metal sounds. They are wired via a 5-way switch and you can split the coils to give you a faux single coil tone as well. That makes this guitar fairly versatile, always a bonus for gigging musicians.

The G290 FAT also uses the Cort CFA-III tremolo, a two post affair made of stainless steel that looks like it will handle modern playing styles. You also get locking staggered tuners, so I would hope that the tuning will be more than stable, if you set it up well.

Overall there’s quite the Suhr vibe going on with the new Cort G290 FAT. But as a Cort guitar, it comes in at a fraction of the price of many modern day boutique, high-performance guitars. But I think this could be a useful gigging guitar, as it seems versatile enough and well thought out. I would love to try one out and see how well it holds up against the more expensive competition.

RRP – EUR 639

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by Jef

2 responses to “Can Cort disrupt the boutique guitar market with the dual humbucker G290 FAT?”

  1. Dane says:

    Not sure if you mentioned Suhr intentionally because of this, but the pickups in this Cort are actually manufactured by Suhr.

    • Barni says:

      Is it really true? Someone mentioned it on YouTube as well, even saying that the manual says at the wiring diagram that it is Suhr manufactured, but I did not find any hint for this when I checked it.

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