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Leaked PRS acoustic  ·  Source: YouTube/Worship Tutorials

A new, previously unreleased PRS acoustic guitar model has surfaced on YouTube in a new video on the channel Worship Audio. The page features a video of an acoustic performance using an acoustic guitar that’s obviously a PRS – but one we’ve never seen before. Hear it in action below and let us know what you think!

New PRS model leaked on YouTube?

The new, as yet unnamed PRS acoustic guitar seems to be a parlour model. It’s being played on a song called Egypt by Bethel Music and Cory Asbury. In the comments section below the video, Workship Tutorials states the guitar is an as yet unreleased new model. Although how the channel or the guitar player in the video gto their hands on this guitar is as yet a mystery…

New PRS Acoustic Model leaked on YouTubeUpdate

Myles Kennedy has also been spotted playing one on Facebook as well and it is definitely an SE model.


PRS SE Acoustic?

With the headstock and bird inlays, there seems no doubt that the guitar is made by PRS. Both are characteristic of the Maryland guitar builder. The model seems to be a smaller-bodied parlour acoustic, which is ideal for this type of music and playing style. Is the new model American-made or part of the SE range? I’m pretty certain that it is an SE model, but I have been wrong before.

What do you think it will be called? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and let us know what you think it is.

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