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Bomebox  ·  Source:


Bomebox  ·  Source:

The Bomebox has been knocking around NAMM shows and other places since 2015. Now it’s finally here. Created by the makers of MIDI Translator it can send MIDI commands and Translator scripts to any connected device without the need for a computer.


The box has MIDI in/out, two ethernet ports, Wi-Fi, and a USB socket. It can utilise MIDI devices over any of these ports. You can plug in a MIDI controller via USB and route it through MIDI-over-LAN to a computer, or another Bomebox. You could wi-fi out to an iPad, or go USB to MIDI and back again. Using more than one Bomebox expands your connectivity options.

So far it’s acting as a bit of a MIDI merge and routing unit, which is clever in itself. But it gets really clever in that it can store and send MIDI scripts from Translator to all sorts of bits of gear without the need of a computer. This way you could set up your entire rig just by plugging it into Bomebox.

The features of the Bomebox can be accessed via any browser on any device making it super easy and convenient to setup.

It’s not for everybody. If you don’t know why you’d need it then you probably don’t need it. But for people with complex MIDI setups or the need to simplify the setup of their performance rig then this could be awesome.

There’s a video that really doesn’t demonstrate what it can do very well – Bome need to get their fingers out and explain it properly.

The Bomebox is available now from the Bome Software website for €199.

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