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TMT connects wirelessly to your iPad  ·  Source:

TMT connects wirelessly to your iPad  ·  Source:


The MIDI Thing (TMT) is a little box that wirelessly connects any MIDI instrument with MIDI in/out ports to a computer or device with Bluetooth 4.0 MIDI support. At the moment this means OSX and iOS as currently Windows doesn’t support it. Android M can support it but there are no suitable apps that make use of it at the moment. It is compatible with the recently published MIDI over Bluetooth LE (low energy) specification created by the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) and so any instrument with MIDI ports will work with it.


TMT is about the size of a matchbox with two 5 pin MIDI cables hanging off it. You plug the cables into the in/out sockets on your MIDI keyboard or instrument, press the little button and pair it with your iPad or Mac – it really is that simple. The latency is said to be less than 15ms in a worst case scenario which, when coupled with the latency in your audio interface, seems a little high to me but on the video there doesn’t appear to be a problem when playing so I guess it’s one of those things you have to try and see. Not to state the obvious but TMT will only work with physical MIDI ports, not with USB MIDI.


They are attempting to raise money on Kickstarter to get TMT into production. The video gives some good information but it’s not very well made and the audio quality of the man telling you about the project is awful. It’s something that could easily be fixed either with a better microphone or with some post production noise reduction software. It doesn’t do them any favours when they are trying to appeal to musicians and the world of music technology. Also, the little box itself is not particularly beautiful but it is certainly functional. They say it will work for 100 hours on the rechargeable battery and they’re still looking at the best options on recharging.

The goal for their Kickstarter is £45,000. Their target retail price appears to be £75 but if you back them now you could pick one up from £45. The project is headed up by entrepreneur and promoter Georgi Dianov who also presents the product in the video. The information on the Kickstarter page is excellent, but I just wish they put a bit more effort into the video as that’s what everyone is going to. I’m really not sure about the name as it doesn’t tell you anything about what it can do. But it’s a cool idea and a potentially useful device so maybe give them a few quid and see where it goes.

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    That is amazing! Been waiting years for this.

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