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In amongst the many conventional instruments released every year it’s nice to sometimes find a real oddity, something genuinely interesting and unique. Bleeplabs makes synthesizer kits and “noise friends” that sound like nothing else around. They’re fun for sure, but can also be used to generate some excellent sonic textures for your productions. The Thingamagoop 3000 is a light-controlled synthesizer and effect with a built-in speaker that would make the perfect Christmas gift for the synth fan who thought they had it all.


This wacky little box actually features CD-quality audio in and out, MIDI in and out using the supplied converter cables and CV in and out for connecting to modular gear. It can be powered over USB or by a battery (because who wants to be tethered to a computer?) and will have a selection of LED and front plate colours so you can customise it to your wishes. Using a built-in speaker means you also have the choice of not hooking up to headphones or a mixer.

At the heart of the way you interact with the box is the “eyeball”, a light that shines down and affects a photosensitive cell. You can change the behaviour of this to affect the frequency of the sound, the patch adjust or the FX adjust. You can use the box as a USB MIDI device and the developer plans to release code in future to let you do more sound design of patches. It’s even possible to use the box as a monosynth by connecting it to a DAW. It might look at first like a mere novelty but you’d be surprised by how creative and powerful units like this can be, and how many of them end up featuring on tracks both from the underground and in the charts.

You can watch more about the device (which is expected to cost $240) and hear how insanely cool it sounds by visiting the following link:



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