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Black Noise Cosmos

Black Noise Cosmos  ·  Source: Black Noise Cosmos


Cosmos bakes a universe of functionality into a completely mysterious front panel that invites exploration and possibly complete madness.



What am I looking at exactly? It’s like a field of patch sockets, elegantly mapped across an intriguing front panel with lights, sensors and cryptic labels. What on earth is going on?

Black Noise says that Cosmos is a new kind of module and the first in “La série noire” which aim to be a complete system of functions. We’re talking about rare, experimental and often weird functions mined from Buchla and Serge that don’t often appear in Eurorack.

Cosmos can be used as the following: VCO, LFO, Ring Mod, Polarizer, “VCA”, “LPG”, Phase Lock Loop, Phase Modulation, Minimum, Maximum, Logic Gates, Waveshaper, Complex gate generator, Fuzz, Distortion, Gate extractor, Trig extractor, Gate generator, Voltage generator, Trig Generator, Half-Rectifier, Full-Rectifier, Inverter, Buffered Multiples, Mixer, Difference, Compressor, Sidechain compressor, VC Clipper, VC
Switch, Clock doubler, Envelope follower, and more. How does it do that? I don’t know and it’s probably going to need a bit of time invested into unpacking it, which is not something I can do here.


Black Noise Modular believe Cosmos can replace all sorts of modules in your system while bringing in some fresh character. It says it’s very easy to use with an intuitive interface that will push you to explore new sounds and exciting timbres. I’m not sure how that works, but it’s going to be interesting finding out.

Cosmos is available for preorder for €279 and will be available in July.


In addition to the Cosmos, Black Noise showed a couple of new 1U modules. First, there’s the Dual Combinator-S, an advanced design of a unity-style mixer with a very low noise floor with stable outputs. You can configure it either as two lots of 4 in-1 out or 7 inputs to a single output.

And finally, we have the Pipe-S, which lets you connect cases together via a network cable. Each connection brings 8 inputs or outputs down the ethernet. It’s completely passive and sold as a pair.

Black Noise Cosmos

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3 responses to “Superbooth 23: Black Noise Modular Cosmos – massively multi-functional”

    Sanperro says:

    Reminds me to the incredible Roland Aira modules, but the Roland works with logic, this here seems to be a Gameboy. I always want to know what I do

      Lou says:

      I saw Cosmos at the Superbooth. the guy at the booth was super nice and really knowledgeable, I think he designed it too. the amount of possibility is crazy especially since the module is 100% analog. the faceplate is also super easy to understand and use despite its cryptic side. I hope he will release more content on it soon. in any case I have already reserved my Cosmos. I look forward to receiving it

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