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Black Corporation Xerxes

Black Corporation Xerxes  ·  Source: Black Corporation

Since the arrival of the sublime Deckard’s Dream Black Corporation has been teasing us with new polysynths inspired by vintage synths. While the Polykobol inspired Kijimi is slowly dragging itself towards availability they have been showing glimpses of the forthcoming Xerxes. They are saying that preorders will open on the Xerxes at Superbooth and in the meantime check out these sound demos.



There were a few show floor sound demos knocking around from the NAMM coverage but this time we get some dedicated Xerses sessions from composer and sound designer Paul Shilling.

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Xerxes is an 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer inspired by the Elka Synthex. The original used 2 digitally controlled oscillators per voice and had a lot of cross modulation of pulse width and a multimode filter. There were separate envelope generators, 2 LFOs and effects like a ring-modulator and chorus. We’re still waiting on the exact details of how much is replication and how much is evolution the judging by the photo it’s looking very exciting.

It’s definitely on my list of things to check out at Superbooth this year.

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