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Black Corporation Xerxes

Black Corporation Xerxes  ·  Source: Black Corporation


Black Corporation said that preorders on the Xerxes would open at Superbooth but they were far too busy having a good time to sort that out and so here we are, the end of August, and they are finally ready to take your money on the XERXES synthesizer.



It’s an 8-voice polysynth inspired by the Elka Synthex from the early 1980s. It has digitally controlled oscillators, two per voice, an analogue multimode filter, two LFOs, two ADSR envelopes and an analogue BBD stereo chorus. The 8-voices are subject to full MPE control with velocity and aftertouch. The Synthex was renowned for being “lush” and is certainly the angle Black Corporation is going for.

Black Corporation is looking for $999 to secure a fully built XERXES with the remainder $2000 to be paid when it’s ready for shipping. That’s total of $2999 for all you maths fans out there. They estimate shipping will be in December for this first run and at the time of writing there are 111 in stock.

They have also stated that DIY kits will become available sometime next year.


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3 responses to “Black Corporation XERXES synthesizer preorders open for real this time”

  1. At that price, does it come with the rack stand?

  2. Ben says:

    2000? Nah. That’s ridiculous.

  3. Ben says:

    With that price you could build your own. What the fuck?

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