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Behringer Legal

Behringer Legal  ·  Source: Midifan


News just in via CDM is that an online Chinese music technology magazine called Midifan is being sued by Behringer for “using insulting words such as “copycat”, “shameless”” to refer to Behringer products. Midifan is a Chinese language website and we are relying upon the translation offered by CDM via their contact with site founder Nan Tang.


Here’s the statement from Midifan:

Behringer sued Chinese media Midifan for saying them COPYCAT and shameless

Chinese portal website Midifan has received a lawyer’s letter from Behringer last week. Behringer claimed the fact that Midifan repeatedly reporting news about Behringer without any factual basis and using insulting words such as “copycat”, “shameless” has caused the reputation of the four clients (Uli Behringer, MUSIC Tribe Global Brands Ltd, Zhongshan Behringer Electronic Co., Ltd and Zhongshan Ouke Electronic Co., Ltd) to be seriously damaged.

The law firm worked for Behringer also claimed that they have reported to its local public security agency and plans to pursue legal responsibilities through criminal way.

Criminal libel in China can carry up to a three-year prison sentence.

Much of this revolves around the recent reveals of Behringer interpretations of vintage synthesizers at Superbooth such as the Roland TR-808, Sequential ProOne, Roland SH-101 and ARP Odyssey. Although Midifan has been similarly critical of much of Behringer’s synthesizer activity.


This all raises a few questions. The first being how does “copycat” differ from “clone”? I was under the impression that Uli Behringer himself had referred to their desire to re-create vintage synthesizers in similar terms. Perhaps it’s all about intent and certainly the word “shameless” has far more negative connotations. The second question is the wisdom behind taking legal action against a news website that criticises your product. And what that could mean for yours truly.

CDM suggest that Behringer may be giving Midifan special attention because they reported on striking workers at a Behringer owned manufacturing facility.

Midifan have now replaced the inflammatory words with milder, more generic terms such as “Tribute” and “clone” in an effort to meet with the lawyers’ demands.

My role on Gearnews is to offer opinion on music technology products, marketing and associated going ons, and part of that does involve criticism and maybe even some banter. It would be a shame if debate within an industry we love is squashed or tempered by the threat of legal action. Although we should always guard against criticism turning into insulting statements.

In the meantime, I love how Behringer is re-imagining vintage technology in unique and highly original ways.

More information

  • Original CDM article here.
  • Midifan response (in Chinese) here.

Behringer Legal

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5 responses to “Behringer threatens to sue news site for calling it “copycat” and “Shameless””

    Rupert Pfaff says:

    Don’t worry Robin, we’ll come to visit you in jail in China. Like the way you covered yourself with that last line though 😉

    Jonnie says:

    The editors of CDM were contacted by Midifan about this matter. And they seem to have some personal connection with them. And all they presented in your article was ENTIRELY from Midifan’s perspective.

    First let me say I’m not a Behringer fan. I’ve never owned one of their products in my life. So I couldn’t care less what damage may have been done to them one way or another. But I can tell bias when I see it. And I don’t like it. I don’t like people trying to manipulate my perspective and viewpoint by slanting the facts. And that’s exactly what CDM have done with this article. For Gearnews to pick up the story and quote strictly from CDM’s article was irresponsible, unprofessional and downright lazy reporting.

    In the case of Behringer’s attorneys sending a letter to Midifan what I can clearly see is that Midifan has demonstrated a PATTERN of negativity relating to Behringer as if they have an ax to grind with that company. Posting headlines that always seem to have a negative ring to them. And I can see how Behringer would perceive that as damaging over time if Midifan were allowed to continue posting such headlines unchallenged.

    If some individual writes up a review on a Behringer product and along the line they call Behringer “copycats” and use the term “shameless” that can’t be construed as damaging. It’s just one person’s opinion. In this case it’s the serial nature of the articles from this particular web site always seeming to cast Behringer in a negative light. There’s also the stories they posted about the workers strike that cast Behringer in a negative light as well. All that combined can have a negative impact on Behringer’s image. So Behringer has a case whether CDM, and their buddies at Midifan, are willing to acknowledge that fact or not. And Behringer have a right to defend themselves against that sort of thing. is plastered with negative reviews saying similar things, and probably worse, about Behringer products. I’m sure such reviews can hurt product sales. But Behringer isn’t threatening Amazon with legal action. Why? Because there isn’t the appearance of a slant and a bias by one entity against Behringer perceived to be damaging to their image as a company. So I find myself wondering if the people at CDM take us for idiots posting their article. Do they think people can’t see past the narrow perspective they’ve presented? It’s insulting.

      hooleydooleydoo says:

      No one has to like Behringer, and no one should be forced to change their opinion of what Behringer is doing via litigation.. If you think CDM or this site is ‘manipulating’ readers you’re assuming that we’re all much dumber than we (probably) are. What Behringer is doing is simply grave-robbing the past, and it is accurate to say it’s shameless, Let’s not forget the 2005 incident where they were sued by Boss due to their ripping off of Boss’ pedals. I have disliked Behringer products based on my experience with them, but based upon their reaction here, if it’s true, I will definitely never buy any Behringer products again… they’re a bunch of hypocrites.

    Mike says:

    I think it’s ironic that any Chinese organization can accuse someone else of being a copycat.

    Manfred Knauthe says:

    Chinese complaining on sombody copying somthing, that is realy a joke. I think the real question must be: why does a company, that has recently acquired the developement departments of Klark, Midas and TC wastes her time with clones? It is like flying a F35 as cropduster….

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