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Thomann Behringer Super Partner

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Thomann has been announced as the latest Behringer Super Partner, bringing the two companies closer together. We look into what being a Super Partner really means and how it benefits you, the customer.


Thomann Becomes a Behringer Super Partner

Without doubt, Thomann and Behringer are two of the big names in the modern Music Technology world. Thomann is one of the biggest music retailers in Europe whilst Behringer is a giants in the music technology industry. Clearly then it’s big news for us that the two are forging a closer relationship.

But why should you care about any of this? You’re checking in to Gearnews to find out about the latest gear not read some corporate press release right? Well, we think the Behringer Super Partner deal will end up being great news for you, the customer.

Better Service and Better Products

Behringer is one of the few companies in the Music Tech industry which manufacture its products at its own factories and facilities. For Super Partners such as Thomann, that means they ship directly from factory to retailer. For you, the customer, it’s almost like buying direct.

As a result, you’ll benefit from lower prices, faster access to products, and the best possible stock availability. The Super Partner benefits go beyond just stock availability and pricing too. Thomann will be working closely with the Music Tribe group to offer better customer service and products feedback.

It should be noted too, that as a Behringer Super Partner, Thomann gives you access to spares, support, education and product design opportunities. Yup, customer feedback will be getting back to the big man Uli Behringer himself, both good and bad! The idea is that in the future, Music Tribe will be making products you want, that suit your needs. Here’s what Hans Thomann had to say:

“The Super Partner relationship between Thomann GmbH and Music Tribe is unprecedented in the industry. However, it is a continuation of decades of close and trusted relations between our two companies. What unites us is that we are both owner-led companies that focus on our customers, characterized by flat hierarchies resulting in the ability to make decisions quickly and flexibly to the customers’ benefit. Music Tribe with its Retail brands Behringer, TC Electronic, TC Helicon and Bugera, etc. has become our no.1 selling brand while also offering one of the highest product quality levels.”

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2 responses to “Thomann becomes a Behringer Super Partner”

  1. William Paxson says:

    The “Super Partner” program also means that Behringer products will disappear from the brick and mortar MI market as Behringer also said (reported by “As a consequence this unfortunately disqualifies all small brick-and-mortar stores and distributors as serving them adds little value and increases cost”.

  2. David C says:

    Since this announcement the behringer products I’ve been looking at (deepmind & monopoly) have gone up by €20 -within EU so not brexit related – and claimed as “hot deals” despite the higher price. Shock horror, less competition does not equal better deals for the consumer.

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