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If you’ve ever fancied a USB mic with vintage aesthetics then the new Behringer Vintage Mic Series could be of interest! If, however, you’re hoping for authentic vintage specifications at a bargain price point, you might be disappointed…


Behringer Vintage Mic Series

Only a couple of days ago, I hypothesised that Behringer was making moves into the content creator workspace. Well, here we are looking at a plethora of new USB microphones, from the music tech giant!

Undoubtedly, the first thing to catch your eye is likely to be those eye-catching, vintage looks. Undoubtedly, I think these mics take the prize for the oldest pieces of gear “replicated” by Behringer! If, however, you were hoping for authentic vintage reissues at a bargain price, then undoubtedly, you may be disappointed!

Vintage Aesthetic, Modern Tech

If like me, you’re a fellow vintage mic nerd, then it won’t take you long to guess the influence behind these mic designs! Clearly, you’ll find famous ribbon and carbon transducer designs by RCA, Coles/STC and Western Electric all replicated here. You might even spot design hints from Blue Microphones’ successful Snowball podcast mic, too!

Importantly, all of these mics are modern USB microphones utilising back-electret condenser capsules. As far as I can glean from the spec sheets, there are maybe two different mic elements utilised across the range. With this in mind, you’ll likely be making your choice based purely on aesthetics!


Worthwhile whimsy?

If you head over to Behringer’s social media post on these mics, you’ll notice Behringer is pricing these mics at $89 each. Should you spend your money on one of these USB mics?

I’d take an educated guess that if you already own an audio interface, and if sound quality is your primary concern, then a good old Shure SM58 is probably better value for money! Additionally, Blue’s own Snowball mic is comparatively priced and arguably offers a better brand cachet.

Even so, if you’re looking at starting up your own podcast, Twitch stream or vlog and need an eye-catching USB mic at an affordable price, what’s not to love? I find myself surprisingly charmed by this whimsical product release from Behringer. I can see more than a few being sold purely as desk ornaments!

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