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Behringer E-Guitar LEs Uli Singlecut leak

Behringer E-Guitar LEs Uli Singlecut leak  ·  Source: gerarnews


A set of images have turned up that appear to show a new single cut-style guitar with a Behringer logo on the headstock… And it’s got a built-in synth! We’re calling it the Behringer E-Guitar Les Uli Singlecut. Could the company famed for its recreations of classic analogue synths be about to unleash a new hybrid guitar? Or is someone pulling our leg?


Take a look at the bottom of the guitar and you can see controls for what looks like a synth!

Behringer E-Guitar LEs Uli Singlecut

Behringer E-Guitar LEs Uli Singlecut · Source: gearnews


Behringer E-Guitar LEs Uli Singlecut leak

Behringer E-Guitar LEs Uli Singlecut leak  · Source: gearnews

Only joking

OK, OK. Only joking. We mocked this up for a laugh. Behringer isn’t really copying a Gibson guitar (as far as we know), with or without a synth in it. Although the digital/analogue guitar/synth hybrid thing might appeal to the sonic experimentalists among you…

In the current climate, Behringer or anyone else would be taking quite a risk in making a guitar whose design is, ahem, inspired by any Gibson model. After the recent Play Authentic Mark Agnesi video saga this week and the news that Gibson is suing Dean Guitars for copyright infringement, it’s difficult to imagine anyone announcing a new guitar that’s obviously a clone. Although no doubt someone, somewhere is planning to do exactly that.

But seriously, would you buy a Behringer guitar? What if it added some technology, say a synthesis module? Let us know in the comments below.

Behringer E-Guitar LEs Uli Singlecut leak

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3 responses to “Behringer “Les Uli” single cut hybrid guitar with built-in synth: Could it be real?!?”

    Fabrice says:

    I’d probably buy a Behringer for the same reason anybody buys Behringer kit: either because the top of the line model is long discontinued or because I know I wouldn’t use it enough to justify spending a fortune on the ‘real’ deal.
    Imagine you’re after a Super Fuzz. The repro sells at around 200 quid. The original is near unavailable in any condition and probably worth an absolute mint. Even the Boss knock off was discontinued about 20 years ago and now sells for around 200 quid on the vintage market… of course, you can make your own if you’re handy with a soldering iron and have at least basic knowledge of electronics or you can buy one from Behringer for around 25 quid.
    It’s… a no brainer.

    michael says:

    Behringer would have the funds to throw some serious coin at guitar synthesis. That is the next frontier for guitar. Amp modelling and effects is well advanced. Now we want Omnisphere like quality from a plank of wood. Kudos of course to Roland/Boss for their dogged persistence over the years. I don’t think they’ve given up on guitar synthesis but who knows what their schedule is for another V guitar release.

    Whatever the next phase is it has to be polyphonic, foolproof and sound fantastic.

    ruggero says:

    Definitely, I will buy a Behringer guitar if made as it is right to do it and with the synt technology above, maybe not with buttons on the bottom part where you place the guitar on the leg when you play sitting … better the buttons in the upper part .. like the guitars acoustic 😉

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