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Befaco Oneiroi

Befaco Oneiroi  ·  Source: Befaco


Befaco Oneiroi is a complete Eurorack synth voice for expansive ambient soundscapes and drones. Thanks to a built-in looper, you could perform an entire live set just on this one module.


Befaco Oneiroi

Befaco is bringing the new Oneiroi Eurorack module to Superbooth 24. And if you’re into spacious, otherworldly textures and drones, Oneiroi should be right up your alley.

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More Information

Based on Rebel Technology’s OWL platform, Oneiroi is a complete synth voice with a full stereo signal path. At its core is a stereo supersaw oscillator inspired by the legendary JP-8000. Alternatively, the oscillator can deliver wavetables consisting of 2048 samples. In addition to this, Oneiroi has a separately adjustable sine wave oscillator.

These sounds then reach an FX chain comprised of a multi-mode filter3-band resonator with tune and feedback, and two effects. The filter, which can be placed in any position in the chain, offers lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and comb filter modes.

Befaco Oneiroi
Befaco Oneiroi · Source: Befaco

The echo effect has controls for Repeats and Density. The reverb offers Decay and Spacetime controls, the latter of which is a unique macro that controls the size, filtering, and direction of the reverb simultaneously. Using four handy sliders, you can instantly adjust the intensity of the four effects, creating new soundscapes on the fly.

Furthermore, Befaco Oneiroi includes a looper that records up to five seconds of stereo material. The Varispeed knob affects both the direction and speed of the looper playback simultaneously (2x backwards to 2x forwards). You can also sync the tempo externally. And if you like to be inspired by unexpected results, there’s a randomizer with four targets and three intensities.

Eight CV inputs provide external control over the eight main parameters. You can assign four of these to other parameters if desired. Thanks to a stereo input, you can also use Oneiroi as an effects processor and looper for external signals.

Price and availability

Befaco says that Oneiroi will ship in early summer for about €475 including tax. You can try the module at booth Z170.

More about Befaco Oneiroi

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Befaco Oneiroi

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