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Avantone CLA-10 studio monitors

 ·  Source: Avantone

Last April, manufacturer Avantone resurrected the Yamaha NS-10M low- and high-frequency drivers as drop-in replicas with the same voicing and frequency range as the originals. It looks like Avantone’s ambitions stretch further than that, for the company is bringing the entire NS-10M alive with the aid of mixing royalty Chris Lord Alge.

The new CLA-10 monitors are all-out reproductions of Yamaha’s notoriously harsh and forward-sounding monitors which ruled the 80s. Their characteristic quality facilitates a particular workflow where the goal is making the mix sound good on the pair of nasty-sounding Yamahas. If one achieves that, they can rest assured the mix will sound great pretty much anywhere.

While Avantone claims these monitors are an exact match with the originals, they took advantage of modern technology to refine some of their manufacturing aspects. For example, the rear terminal plate uses a better grade of connector and the crossover network features capacitors of better grade material and rating. This makes no difference in sound whatsoever, Avantone says, but it’s probably good for longevity.

Predictably, the CLA-10 use Avantone’s AV10-MHF and AV10-MLF tweeters and woofers, which supposedly have no tonal differences between them and the originals. Frequency response is rated at 60Hz – 20kHz, and the maximum power capacity is 120W. The cabinets are made of MDF with real wood veneers, and each monitor weighs 6.3kg / 13.9lbs.

Avantone will be selling these for USD 700 per pair, which is a very reasonable price. Now everyone will have the opportunity to add a pair of NS10M-sounding monitors to their monitoring setup or replace their aging Yamahas. There’s clearly a market for these monitors, and there’s no reason for them not to stay relevant in 2018 and beyond. The CLA-10s will start shipping in August.

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