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AV10 MHF and MLF

 ·  Source: Avantone

Own a pair of busted Yamaha NS-10Ms? You can bring them to life now, courtesy of Avantone Pro’s exact replicas of the NS-10M low- and high-frequency drivers. Announced at Musikmesse 2018 in Frankfurt, the AV10MHF and AV10MLF are “exactly the same as the original” and offer “bolt-in” installation, the manufacturer claims.

Avantone says it reverse-engineered the original drivers and reproduced them “faithfully” while also incorporating RoHS-compliant materials.

The AV10s supposedly offer the same voicing and frequency range as the originals while being “exactly the same” in terms of dimensions. With the lack of easy access to replacement drivers, these will be a godsend for anyone who owns a pair of those iconic monitors.

The NS-10M are known for sounding harsh and forward, making for a peculiar workflow approach which can be summed up as “if you can make the mix sound good on the NS-10M, it will sound great on everything”. No wonder recording engineers have been swearing by these for decades!

Price and availability information is not available as of now, so we contacted Avantone and asked for it. We will update the post if we get to hear back!

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