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Atomic Amps Ampli-Firebox Mark II

Atomic Amps Ampli-Firebox Mark II  ·  Source: Atomic Amps

Atomic Amps has just announced its new updated Ampli-Firebox Mark II, bringing a suite of new features to the compact high-end modelling stompbox. All the old favourites are still there, but now we have even more cool things to play with. Let’s take a closer look at the the upgrades on this new pedal. 

Atomic Amps Ampli-Firebox Mark II

This update to the Atomic Amps range adds to the original’s feature set, which included amp modelling, user IRs, effects such as drive, delay, reverb, comp, gate and eq, both 1/4″ and XLR outputs, along with a customisable interface and a matching editor app. Now, with the Ampli-Firebox Mark II, you have the ability to take this already compact stompbox modeller even further with new features and some nice enhancements.

Atomic Amps Ampli-Firebox Mark II

Atomic Amps Ampli-Firebox Mark II with more features and a new streamlined look

So what’s new?

Well, along with new amp models, Atomic Amps has added what it is calling a “next-generation amp modelling engine including a dynamic resonance control”, so it looks like the company has refined the modelling even further. The user interface and the whole operating system has also been streamlined. You even get a headphone jack, which is always handy to have.

The simplified interface now utilises 3-way toggle switches, with one each to control the amp, cab and presets, which sounds like a good idea to me. I always prefer an easy to use interface on all my guitar gear. I can do menus and sub-menus, but it kind of kills your creativity, so I’m happy to have anything ‘streamlined’ for ease of use. Both footswitches are now completely assignable, which means you can, for example, turn on/off any effect simultaneously, select/toggle between presets or assign them to tap tempo. And finally, the pedal also has a dedicated save function.

Atomic Amps Ampli-Firebox Mark II works with the app

Atomic Amps Ampli-Firebox Mark II works with the app

A sleeker look

Along with the sleeker look, you now have a control lock function. No more accidentally knocking a knob’s position or switch and messing up your preset! You also have have a knob position locator function; LEDs temporarily flash when knobs are turned and are solid when the preset value is reached. The pedal also has new Speaker Impulses (IRs) and an FX level knob, allowing you to individually control or blend reverb and/or delay. And you can use the Load mode to choose whether the pedal starts up with your favourite preset, WYSIWIG, or its last-used state.

If you need a compact amp modelling solution, then the Atomic Amps Ampli-Firebox Mark II may be worth checking out. You can hear the pedal in action in the official demo video below. I think it sounds pretty decent.

RRP – USD 399.95

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