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Line 6 Spider V Amp Range

Line 6 Spider V Amp Range  ·  Source:

Line 6 Spider V Amp Range

Line 6 Spider V Amp Range  ·  Source:

The US-designed Line6 Spider V guitar amps have just been announced and the range includes new presets and tones in various different amp sizes, hopefully offering something for all budgets.

Web of Tone

The new Spider V range from Line 6 consists of four different amp models labelled 30, 60, 120 or 240 respectively. Each amp has over 200 effects, amp models and cabinet simulations onboard, so a hell of a lot of choices and hopefully some stuff you can use immediately. They have also included the obligatory sound like a certain song or artist patches, which we all adore (insert huge groan here), plus you can daisy chain up to eight effects internally when building your own tones with the Spider V range.


The  30, 60, 120 or 240 Spider V amps are solid state so expect them to have to work harder to keep up with a valve amp of a lower wattage. The cool thing, though, is that all those onboard effects and amp simulations are at your disposal wherever you are. This could be great for practising at home or if you play in a covers band perhaps, as you can mimic those famous guitar tones of your favourite records using one of the Line 6 presets.

Line 6 Spider V Amp Range

Line 6 Spider V Amp Range 30,60, 120 and 240


Like it or loathe it, amp modelling is here to stay and I believe it has its place. It certainly does provide you with a lot more options from a single amp, and can provide you with some highly useable sounds. I have a few Line6 bits of modelling equipment floating about and they all do a specific job.

There is even an app for iOS and Android so that you can update your Spider V amp and access new patches from the Line6 online user area. This gives you some expansion options in terms of preset sounds, which could be really useful for anyone that needs to cover lots of bases.

RRP: Spider V 30 – USD $279.99, Spider V 60 – USD $419.99, Spider V 120 – USD $529.99 and Spider V 240 – USD $699.99, all currently pre-order only    

For more details check the Line 6 site here or the demo video below:

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