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Line 6 Spider V MKII amp range

Line 6 Spider V MKII amp range  ·  Source: Line 6

Line 6 has just refreshed its entire Spider V guitar amp range, claiming the new series is “the best-sounding Spider amps we’ve ever made”.

Line 6 Spider V MKII amp range

Every model in the Line 6 Spider range now has new presets – Artist, Iconic Song and Classic, giving you 128 presets available in total. A new Classic Speaker mode is designed to provide more organic amp tones.

Each model in the range also has a built-in tuner, metronome, drum loops, tap tempo and a 60-second looper.  Plus you can connect them up to your computer via USB for further editing.

Something for every level?

The basic models are the Spider V 30 MkII and Spider V 60 MkII, aimed at practise and home use. The larger Spider V 120 MkII, Spider V 240 MkII combos and Spider V 240HC MkII head models are aimed at players that need volume for playing live.

 Line 6 Spider V 240HC MkII

Line 6 Spider V 240HC MkII

Great features with plenty of benefits

I like that they have something for all scenarios and these new updated features should make them a good entry level option for many players. And there’s lots of flexibility on offer here all round.

The demo video below has some very nice tones. If the prices are right, then I think these will be winner for the company. My advice would be to watch the video and see what you think of these new Spider V MKII models, I quite like them.

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