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Arturia tease

Arturia tease  ·  Source: Arturia


Ahead of Superbooth, Arturia is teasing something new for the 10th of May. Could it be hardware or software? It certainly sounds a bit synthy.


Arturia tease

We spotted the teasing video on Twitter but it’s also on Facebook.


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We haven’t got much to go on. There are some glitchy waves and a bit of maths or characters morphing into the words “10th May 2022” but very little in there would hint at anything specific. It’s very warm and analogue sounding, possibly overdriven, so I’m thinking it’s some sort of synth. It’s difficult to say if it’s software or hardware. Often with hardware teases there tends to be a flash of a corner, some lights, the smooth lines of a shell or knob. This has none of that so perhaps that would make me lean towards it being software. But what?

I guess we’ll find out on the 10th of May unless any more teases come along to shed some light on the mystery.

In other news, Arturia will be at Superbooth in a futuristic truck and there will be a PolyBrute up for grabs in some sort of Superbooth competition. That’s pretty darn awesome!

Arturia Superbooth

Arturia Superbooth


10 responses to “Arturia is teasing something synthy for the 10th of May”

  1. It was all a dream says:

    🤞New algorithmic synth based on microfreak with keystep pro type sequencer and proper keys 🤞

  2. Terry Tibbs says:

    Arturia eurorack/modular vsti?

  3. Champ says:

    I hope it’s a newer, better, smaller, cheaper Microfreak.

  4. Andreas says:

    Rings on the water in the background…. waves?

  5. dbsm says:

    Larger poly version of Microfreak, I guess. Microfreak is one of the best synth currently on the market.

  6. DE says:


  7. Aviv says:

    Obviously, it’s the new collection V. Yayyy

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