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ART Dual Limiter

The ART Dual Limiter will bless project studios soon with its 150 USD price tag  ·  Source: ART

Somewhat under the radar, maker of sturdy and affordable studio gear ART is unveiling Dual Limiter – a two-channel 1U rackmount limiter that’s priced a measly 149 USD. This doesn’t mean ART isn’t giving this product all it’s got in terms of technological proficiency. The Dual Limiter is based on a proprietary PWM (Pulse Wave Modulation) gain-control circuit and uses an intelligent detector to achieve vintage-type compression and limiting without the noise and distortion characteristic of older units.

The unit is meant to be used between a mic preamp and signal processor, between pre-amplified musical instruments, or across mix channel inserts. It also boasts selectable stereo channel linking. There are both balanced XLR inputs and outputs, and 1/4-inch TRS active balanced inputs and outputs. Despite its ample functionality, the Dual Limiter poses no challenges in terms of usability. Its controls are the usual Input, Output, Attack, and Release. There are also Link, Bypass/Active, and Ratio (Limit) buttons. Gain reduction meters are available, too.

Overall, we’re seeing tons of value packed in here for very little money – so more power to ART! The Dual Limiter is available for pre-order now, though the shipping date is still in question.

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