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Tosin Abasi new guitar company

Tosin Abasi new guitar company  ·  Source: Abasi Guitars/Facebook

Animals as Leaders are an instrumental progressive metal band with fusion elements consisting of two 8-string guitarists and drums. One of the guitarists and founders of the band is Tosin Abasi, who has now announced his own guitar company, Abasi Guitars. 

Abasi Guitars

The picture next to the announcement on his Facebook page is of a neck-body-transition and look similar to his Ibanez Signature Model. That suggests the body shape will also be similar to his Ibanez Signature prototype, which you can check out in the video below.

But is the neck even a neck? Unfortunately, it can’t be seen well enough from this teaser image, so we shall have to wait and see. Generally, information is still scarce, and this Facebook post is a huge tease. A pity really, as a few more specs would have been nice.

As Tosin is such an influential and accomplished technical player, this new guitar could be something special. The fact that Ibanez has worked with him and happily helped him to design guitars should hopefully pay dividends with this new guitar series, as he has had a chance to try stuff out in the real world.

Massive Tease!

Unfortunately, the official homepage is currently only a placeholder with “Inform me, when it’s time” newsletter form and a film which features someone working on what looks like an 8-string guitar neck…


This pic has emerged on Twitter and is credited with being Tosin’s new guitar, yet the construction looks a fair bit different, so am a little suspect of this claim.

Tosin Abassi guitar?

Tosin Abasi guitar?


NAMM 2018

We’ll have to wait until the NAMM 2018 Show, it seems. The company will be launched there in January along with this signature new model. With such an experimental and experienced player running the show, will we see some genuinely new, refreshing modern progressive guitars in 2018? I reckon we will, so this is one worth keeping an eye on. We will, of course, posting all the latest news and rumours as it comes in. Stay tuned!

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