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AngelicVibes NEO

AngelicVibes NEO  ·  Source: AngelicVibes / Gearnews

AngelicVibes has released NEO, a multi FX plug-in with nine individual effects. NEO lets you build flexible effects chains in a creative and intuitive way, for use on all kinds of signals in your tracks. Considering its many options, the price is quite attractive, too. What can NEO do?


Nine individual effects

AngelicVibes NEO offers nine effects, which are arranged in series. You can easily change the order of effects by dragging and dropping, which is a really nice feature. These are the included effects:

  • Filter
  • Lo fi
  • Drive
  • EQ
  • Chorus
  • Stereo
  • Compressor
  • Delay
  • Reverb

That’s pretty much all you need for a vocal track, for example. While most of the effects don’t offer as many parameters as specialized individual plug-ins would have, all the essentials are there. I like how NEO’s interface emphasizes the creative workflow and doesn’t slow you down with too many technicalities. And it does let you adjust a lot more than AbleTunes FX Mate.

Besides adjusting effects manually, you can of course automate everything in your DAW. And if you’re feeling lucky, there’s a randomize button that can help you come up with something unexpected. The plug-in also has master input and output level controls, as well as a master dry/wet control.

Does it have a sequencer?

What I can’t make sense of right now is the “innovative sequencer and playing engine” that NEO is supposed to have according to the AngelicVibes website. While an FX / modulation sequencer would definitely be a nice addition to this plug-in, none of the screenshots and videos I’ve seen so far show any evidence of its existence, nor does the PDF manual. Could it be that this idea was dropped from NEO’s list of features at some point during the development?

Price and compatibility

AngelicVibes NEO is available for Windows (VST, VST3, 32/64 bit) and macOS (AU, VST, VST3). The plug-in costs USD 49.95. You can also download a trial version, which kindly reminds you of purchasing NEO by emitting some white noise every ten minutes.

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  1. Neo VST says:

    This is such a great easy to use plugin to mix and master my tracks.

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