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Kuassa Amplifikation Lancaster, three virtual AC30s

Kuassa Amplifikation Lancaster, three virtual AC30s  ·  Source: Kuassa


Kuassa has just released its new Amplifikation Lancaster, a plug-in suite that models classic British amp tones presented in three flavours of the Vox AC30 – as far as we know without any official endorsement or involvement from Vox.


Amplifikation Lancaster

This new plug-in models three different amplifiers from different eras, along with some effects. The aim here is to get you those classic British amp tones without the hassle of mic’ing them up and lugging them around. The Vox AC30 has a great tone, but the original amp is expensive – and also bloody heavy.

Kuassa Amplifikation Lancaster, three virtual AC30s

The Amps

The “Lancasters” – read AC30 models – are integrated as three different versions. Lancaster A is modelled on an amp from the 2000’s. Describing its characteristics, Kuassa says it likes “breaking up and overdrives early” with a “raw and raucous” tone. The Lancaster B is based on a 1990s Limited Edition AC30, with a “fat and slightly compressed” and “thick” tone. Lancaster C mimics a modified 1970s amplifier, with a “cleaner sound with huge headroom” for a “loud jangly AC tone”.

The user interface for Amplifikation Lancaster looks like it’s been well done. You can tweak the virtual knobs of the amps and included effects with no annoying menus systems to slow you down.

Amp Features

Each of the Lnacasters has a Sag and Bias setting on the power amp section, giving you more control over how they feel. You also get low pass and high pass filters to tailor your tones with.

Five cabinets are on offer here, all based on modelled IRs of real AC3o cabinets. You can mix and match these with a selection of virtual microphones. The mics included are: Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD421, Sennheiser MD441, C&T Naked Eye, Royer 121, AKG C414 and a Neumann TLM103. That’s a fairly comprehensive selection of virtual microphones and should cover all bases for most users. You can create dual mic setups, and both mono and stereo configurations are available.


To keep your tones tidy, you also have a built-in Noise Gate and a Limiter. The only included effect is a Range Master-style Treble Booster and to be fair, with a real-life Vox AC30 that’s really all you need anyway. The software supports up to 8x oversampling. If you check out the video demo below, you can hear it in action; I think it sounds pretty good.

The new Amplifikation Lancaster is available in VST, VST3, Audio Unit, AAX and A360 formats, making it available for just about any DAW setup. Plus, you can run the application in standalone mode, so if you just want to play and tweak, this mode is perfect. Kuassa is also intent on releasing a Rack Extension (Propellerhead Reason) version somtime soon.

Introductory Pricing

The Introductory Pricing of $25 is valid until 22 August 2021. After that, it rises to a reasonable $49. If you already own their Amplifikation 360 Bundle it’s free.

Follow the link below to order your copy now, or to try out the demo version on your system.

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Kuassa Amplifikation Lancaster, three virtual AC30s

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