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Alter Audio Timetosser Eurorack

Alter Audio Timetosser Eurorack  ·  Source: Alter Audio


Alter Audio’s time travelling live audio resequencer, or Timetosser, is being ported to Eurorack, and things could get awesome and hilarious very fast.


Timetosser Eurorack

The original Timetosser is too much fun in one little box. You run your audio through it, and it acts as one huge buffer. The row of 8 buttons holds 8 beats of your track with another 8 held on page 2, and is constantly updating moving left to right. So at any point, you can grab a beat, repeat it, ratchet it, or resequence those hits in a completely different order. You can also loop your remix and slice live audio to create instant kits. Take it from me; it’s an absolute riot to use in live performance. All it requires is courage and a load of attitude.

So it is with great joy that I spotted a photo of the Timetosser Eurorack prototype that had been cobbled together for Superbooth. It’s made out of plywood and sticky tape but heck, it still looks great!


The functionality is essentially the same, but now you have some interesting CV inputs. So you can plug in stereo audio from your modular and get to work resequencing, reversing or ratcheting using CV from another source. And this thing is DC coupled, so, that’s right, you could be resequencing your modulations, pulling chunks out of LFOs and all sorts.

The CV inputs can select the beat, shift the beat, trigger reverse, tape stop and muting. You can also quantise the offset, set divisions and take in a clock via CV or MIDI.


Alter Audio is currently looking into the best way to integrate it into a Eurorack. It was at Superbooth looking for feedback on the idea. This is a great idea; it’s a complete winner as far as I’m concerned. I guess it’s a bit on the large size. I wonder whether resizing the buttons would help and what sort of impact that would have on the playability. The desktop version needs to be large to fit and be found in a chaotic live performance. But within Eurorack, things are small and maybe more thoughtful and so perhaps there’s less need for big slappy buttons. I’m looking forward to how this develops. How is there no video of this anywhere?


Alter Audio Timetosser Eurorack

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