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Timetosser Audio Re-triggering

The Alter Audio Timetosser makes live re-sampling immediate  ·  Source: Alter Audio


The Alter Audio Timetosser makes live re-sampling immediate  ·  Source: Alter Audio

An audio slicer in a box? We’re excited, bring it on! The Timetosser by Alter Audio is literally an aluminium box with a bunch of pads lit in all the rainbow’s colours (and then some). What does it let you do? Hook it up so your audio is passing through it (via the RCA ports) and play the Timetosser like a hardware instrument.

The audio clip pads let you choose between 1/4, 1/8, 1/6, and triplet modes, while the row of pads above is used for manually re-triggering audio.
The device relies on a buffer to store incoming audio, letting you go “back in time” in your performance, in addition to creatively chopping up your music. Additionally, there are reverse and mute modes for even more sound mangling and dynamics fun. The mute function can be gated through the top row of pads.

In terms of sound quality, Timetosser gives you nothing to worry about. The converters support up to 24-bit/192kHz audio and the box can be used as an USB audio interface with 2 inputs and 2 outputs (all RCA). There’s also a sync port for MIDI & analog gear, while powering up is accomplished with an adapter. We like how Alter Audio is keeping it simple and straight to the freaking point – the TT is pretty much plug, hook, and play.

Timetosser is like an always-on, ready to go re-sampling maschine. Not that a Kaoss Pad or an iPad with a bunch of effects apps won’t be able to get you the same effects (in general), but they cannot beat the clever little box’s immediacy and playability. Although it’s not shipping until next year, we can see it having its rightful place in the tabletop rigs of DJ and live-performing electronic musicians with a love for non-mainstream gear.

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