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AlphaTheta euphonia

The euphonia rotary DJ mixer.  ·  Source: AlphaTheta


The AlphaTheta euphonia is the flagship rotary DJ mixer with 32-bit AD/DA conversion, frequency-specific effects sends, and much more.


The Pioneer DJ successor, AlphaTheta, certainly hasn’t been asleep. Instead, here they are with another incredible product release. Moreover, the euphonia could easily become a new industry standard DJ mixer.

AlphaTheta euphonia

At the surface, the euphonia is a 4-channel DJ mixer with all the standard features you’d expect from a high-end DJM series. However, besides taking the rotary approach to its design, AlphaTheta has a few tricks up its sleeve.

On each channel, you have the usual line and phono input selection options. Furthermore, you can also select digital input or assign channels in rekordbox or Serato DJ Pro.

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In addition, there are effects sends on each channel. Here, you can incorporate the built-in high-pass filter, delay, tape echo, echo verb, reverb, and shimmer, as well as external stereo effects.

Another impressive feature is the Energy Visualizer section, which lets you keep an eye on the levels of all your active channel at once. With 4 virtual VU meter needles, a master level meter, and a spectrum analyzer you have a detailed overview.


Speaking of outputs, the euphonia is equipped with a transformer stage built by none other than Rupert Neve Designs. This has been built specifically for mixing records, and adds more harmonics to the signal, especially when things get loud.

AlphaTheta euphonia
AlphaTheta euphonia · Source: AlphaTheta

The draw card of any high-end rotary mixer must be the Isolator or global EQ section. This is where AlphaTheta has outdone itself by adding sends on each of the 3-bands with a Boost Level switch for additional gain.

At this price, the euphonia in the ballpark of the high-end rotary mixer manufacturers like ARS and Varia Instruments. That being said, it offers far more modern features, taking it out of the niche.

Pricing and availability:

The euphonia will be available soon from your favourite retailers, priced at $3,799 MSRP.

More about the AlphaTheta euphonia:

AlphaTheta euphonia: Rotary Mixer with a Rupert Neve Transformer Stage

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