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Alesis Strike Multipad

Alesis Strike Multipad  ·  Source: Alesis

We always enjoy a good old Octopad style drum pad thingy. Alesis have had some good ones over the years and they’ve decided it’s time for a new one. The Strike Multipad is the slightly over-descriptive name for their new sampling, looping 9-pad (Enneapad?) controller/drum machine.


Alesis Strike Multipad

Apparently, it’s the first percussion pad incredible enough to earn the “Strike” name. Which begs the question what is the name “Strike” all about? Well, it’s one of their electronic drum kits and the Strike Multipad must be based on the same technology. They say “never before has such sheer percussive power been built into a single unit or been so easy to play”. This is exciting stuff!

So what’s it all about? Firstly you have 9 velocity sensitive pads (this includes the top row of quarter height, lumpy pads that you miss on first glance) with customisable RGB lights. Then there’s the 4.3″ colour display with onscreen editing of the inbuilt sampler. You can record your own samples, import them on a USB stick or “sample right off the internet” which sounds interesting. And it comes with over 8000 samples and loops to get you going. There are 5 built-in FX processors with a customisable A-Link Control. It has an audio looper for building up layers of sound. There’s a load of triggers and inputs on the back for external triggers and a hi-hat pedal and it’s also a 2in 2out audio interface.

Alesis Strike Multipad

Alesis Strike Multipad editing

They’ve packed a whole load of goodies into this whack-a-mole box. There should be videos to tell us all about it and there are – here’s the first one:


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And there are many more. This is a substantial machine that’s hoping to open sampling and live performance for percussionist or anyone who likes to hit stuff. The audio looper, in particular, looks like a lot of fun and turns it into a self-contained production device that few drum pads ever are.

The Alesis Strike Multipad should be available now for $699.

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