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A Little Thunder Version 2, now with Bluetooth  ·  Source: A Little Thunder


A Little Thunder pickups allow guitar players to produce bass frequencies on their instruments using standard-sized humbuckers. These pickups have been revamped for 2020 and an upgraded version is set for imminent release.


Low End Growl

Do you ever find yourself in a jam situation without a bass player? Or perhaps you want to play bass parts on your guitar without switching instruments? Then look no further than A little Thunder pickups.

The concept behind A Little Thunder pickups is simple. While functioning as a conventional pickup, they also provide the option to lower the bass strings up to two whole octaves.

The pickup fits into any guitar that has been routed out for humbuckers. It works by isolating the bottom three strings, and then dropping them either one or two octaves lower. By isolating the bottom strings, A Little Thunder pickups have the ability to maintain the normal six-string output of the guitar, but adding a dedicated bass signal when you need it.

A Little Thunder Version 2

A Little Thunder Version 2

A Little Thunder Version 2

These new Version 2 pickups have been on the horizon since early 2019 and now in 2020 it looks as though they will finally be coming to market. It’s a passive, blade-style PAF humbucker and its makers say it provides a much clearer signal than the first generation did (125 mv vs 370 mv), measuring in at 8.8K DC.

The pickup has two onboard capacitive touch controls, additional modes of play and twice the battery life of its predecessor, with around 16 hours of playtime before requiring a recharge. There’s also support for Bluetooth 4.2, which the company says will bring in a forthcoming sound library.

When engaged, the octave-drop of the pickup has a low-note priority option that detects the lowest note being played and affects only that individual note to avoid making everything a muddy, bass-heavy mess.

The installation is relatively simple as long as the guitar has been routed out for at least one humbucker. Once the wires are soldered in the correct places, you’re good to go! The pickup is also available with a sound hole bracket so that it can be used with acoustic guitars, too.

RRP – USD 299


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2 responses to “A Little Thunder Version 2 pickups add a bass signal to your guitar”

    Dimmi says:

    Had a pretty bad experience with the company, multiple delays with very poor communication, received a faulty unit (regular part of the pickup did not function at all) and they were extremely uncooperative. Thankfully, they were as bad at replying to Paypal claims as to my emails so I ended up receiving a refund. Looking around online you will find multiple similar stories from other people.

    Would not recommend dealing with them. Ended up purchasing a similar product from submarine (that they are suing for patent violation and is not available in the US)

    It is a shame too because the idea is great and implementation is also neat. Hope they would spend more effort on customer service than legal battles. Although if it wasn’t for their lawsuit I would not have found out about submarine in the first place

    Alex says:

    I tried buying this back in April 2019. I’ve gotten 1 email back saying they were working on getting out units in June 2019. Have since tried getting any response regarding shipments or status of production with ZERO response back and I can’t get a refund since they won’t respond. Don’t deal with these guys.

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