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Joyo Baatsin R-11

Joyo Baatsin R-11  ·  Source: Joyo


Say you were designing an overdrive pedal for guitarists who live overdrive tones but don’t have much money. It would probably end up looking a lot like the Joyo Baatsin R-11. In fact, this might be a bargain for people with more to spend, too.


Joyo Baatsin

Joyo seems to have found its niche in the pedal world. Witness products like the Preamp House or the Atmosphere – both effect pedals that contain several different effects yet are priced at the bottom end of the market. The Baatsin goes in exactly the same direction.

Here’s the entirety of Joyo’s marketing copy on its web page for the Baatsin:

We picked 8 classic Overdrive and Distortion sounds after we studied a great many guitarists’ preference, and finally pulled off one pedal by pure analogue circuit. So it’s good value for money, one pedal offering several genres of music.

The copy seems to be saying that it’s completely analog, so no DSP or modelling used here. The Baatsin has 8 different overdrive and distortion sounds. Based on the preset names, it is unfortunately not always possible to guess which pedals they are inspired by, but a few of them are super obvious!

  • Sweety
  • B. Boost
  • T808
  • Overdrive
  • Crunchy
  • Rioter
  • OC Drive

These seem to be replicas of the Ibanez/Maxon Tube Screamer 808, Fulltone OCD and Suhr Riot. Is one a Timmy Overdrive?

Joyo Baatsin R-11

Joyo Baatsin R-11: 8 in 1 drive tones!

A lot of overdrive for little money

No doubt: the Baatsin provides a lot of options onboard here. Just how they have managed to squeeze in all these analogue circuits into one pedal at this price isn’t clear. Sure, some of the circuits will be similar and so it could be a hybrid arrangement to make them all fit. No price has been announced yet, but we reckon somewhere in the GBP 100 region should be about right.


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  • Joyo Baatsin R-11 8 in 1 drive tones!: Joyo
Joyo Baatsin R-11

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