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Originally built for the late great TC PowerCore, Audified’s inValve Effects plug-ins have now reached version two running on native platforms. You may be familiar with their previous incarnation of DSound or Audiffex and their inValve bundle which was released a decade ago on the PowerCore for USD $250. In 2012, since the death of the PowerCore, they released the first native inValve bundle for the much more affordable USD $49. This second generation builds and improves upon that history.

The inValve bundle contains three plug-ins – a preamp, a compressor and an equaliser. The preamp is the direct descendant of the original VL2 Multichannel Valve PowerCore plug-in, an emulation of a tube amplifier, adding, so the claim, the warmth and smoothness of an analog desk to your digital signals with a single “Valve Saturation” knob. The compressor is a model of a tube compressor and the EQ is a four-band parametric with additional high- and low-pass filters. They’ve gone for a sparse, rack mounted look for the new GUI’s and they are very pleasingly rendered although probably should be avoided if you judge value for money on the knob count. You can also enter numerical values for any parameter via the onscreen display and make fine adjustments by holding a modifier key. One interesting feature is that each plug-in can handle up to eight channels.

InValve Effects is available now in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX formats for USD $49 for Mac OSX or Windows and there’s a demo version available for download on the website.

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